FAQ's from our Tenants


I attended a home open and would like to apply for one of your properties, how do I go about this? 

If you would like to apply for a property, you can access our Tenancy Application Form online.  Please visit www.1form.com.au and click on the Tenants Login Here button.  Once you have put your email details and created a password, please click Sign Up. From here you will be able to input all the required information and submit your application.  All persons aged 18+ must complete their own application form, even if they are not named on the lease agreement.  Please ensure all relevant sections of the application form are completed, including referees.  If you have any questions or trouble completing or submitting the application form, please feel free to call the office.

Describe what ID, documents and other forms need to be submitted with my 1form.com rental application?

Copies of ID (Driver’s licence/ proof of age card/ passport) must be provided at the time of submitting your application.  Proof of income (e.g. payslips, recent bank statements, letter of appointment, Centrelink statements front & back) also need to be submitted.  If possible, a current rental ledger (requested from your current property manager) will also be helpful in securing the property.  It is important to notify your referees to expect a call from IRE.  We will also contact your Payroll department to confirm your income so we ask that you give them permission to discuss these details with IRE.  If you have trouble uploading these documents to the 1form.com site, you can send via email to rentals@infiniterealestate.com.au.

How long does it take for my application to be processed, when will I hear from you

We will endeavor to process your application within 48 hours, subject to the availability of referees and other checks.  This means that IRE has received all of your applications, that all relevant sections are completed, and that all documents and references have been submitted, checked and called.

I have pets, will that affect being accepted for a property? What is a Pet Agreement lease? 

Having pets on your Rental Application should not affect being accepted for a property. IRE believes that honesty between the tenant and the property manager is vital in establishing a positive working relationship for the rest of the tenancy.  Unless otherwise stated on a property’s advertisement, all applications will be presented to the owner regardless of whether the tenant owns pets or not.  For the owner’s peace of mind, a Pet Agreement which lists the conditions of keeping a pet(s) at the property and what is expected when vacating is required to be signed along with lodgement of a pet bond of $260.00.

I am a smoker, will that affect being accepted for a property?

All of our properties have a strict No Smoking policy for inside the property, however we encourage honesty and do not discriminate.  If you do smoke inside, you will be responsible for specialised cleaning and deodorising of the property to eliminate unpleasant smoke odours and could be breached for this.  Please note that the cost of this type of cleaning can be expensive and will be at your cost.  


What happens if I am accepted for a property? How much bond do I need to pay and where does it go? 

Your property manager will call to congratulate you on being accepted for the property.  An email will be sent confirming all tenancy details and advising the amount that we require before signing the lease and handing over the keys. The bond is 4x the weekly rent (e.g. if the rent is $400 per week, the bond amount is $1600).  If pets will be kept at the property, an additional $260 for the pet bond will be added. The Bond Administrator will hold these bond funds.

We also require your first two weeks of rent upfront.  This is used to cover the first two weeks of your rent and is not held like the bond and pet bond.  Please note that if paying via BPAY, you must pay 24 hours in advance of key collection to allow time for processing.  These payments must hit our account before your appointment to sign the lease otherwise IRE cannot hand over the keys.   

What is the process when I come into the office to sign the lease and pick up the keys?  Do I have to come to your office or can I meet you at the property? 

Once an appointment has been made with your property manager, all tenants approved on the application (people who will be legally responsible for leasing the property) will need to visit the IRE office and sign the lease.  All details of the lease will be thoroughly explained and it gives you the opportunity to ask any questions.  Please allocate up to 30 mins for your tenancy induction.  Please remember that we have a No Cash policy.  If you are settling the Bond on that day, only bank cheques or money orders made out to Infinite Real Estate WA will be accepted.  We do not accept cash, personal or company cheques.  Unfortunately, we are unable to meet you at the property at sign up.

At the beginning of my tenancy, I was required to pay 2 weeks of rent in advance, what   does that mean? Will I get that back at the end of my tenancy? 

It is important to note that the first 2 weeks of rent paid in advance actually covers the first two weeks of your lease/renting the property.  It is not held in a trust (like a Bond) and is not reimbursed upon vacating the property. Rent is always to be paid in advance.  By paying the first 2 weeks of rent upfront ensures that the rent is paid in advance from the beginning of the tenancy.  This is the meaning of rent in advance, however if you are still unsure, please ask your Property Manager.

Who contacts the Utility companies when I move into the property?

You are responsible to ensure that a power, gas, phone and internet provider account has been set up in your name at the property you are renting, ready to begin on your move in date.  Please know that the payment of these services is also your responsibility.

How about the Water Corporation, who contacts them?  

The property manager looking after your property will notify the Water Corporation when your application is accepted.  As tenants, you are only required to pay for the property’s Water Usage (and not the Service Charge).  The property manager will ensure that the invoices are separated to ensure the invoice to you only reflects the water used.  These will be issued two-monthly and sent directly to your email address.  The invoice is to be paid in the same way you pay your rent.


How do I pay the Rent & Water Usage invoices?

Upon signing your lease, IRE will issue you a unique PayWay BPay card.  You can use this card in two ways: 1. Use the BPay Biller code and Reference Number provided on your card to process a BPay payment via online banking; 2. Visit any Australia Post retail store, present your card to the attendant and pay the amount required using cash or EFTPOS. If you do not use your Reference number, we may not receipt your payment correctly which could result in a Non-Payment of Rent Breach being issued.  

What do I do if I know my rent will be late? 

IRE have a Zero Tolerance Policy for Late Rent Payments.  Paying rent on time is priority and it should be paid on time, all of the time! Therefore, if you know a payment will be late, you must notify your Property Manager at least three working days before the due date.  If notice is not given and the rent runs into arrears, our late payment procedure will be carried out.  Please feel free to ask your property manager for more information regarding the actions and the associated consequences IRE carry out regarding Rent Arrears.

At the beginning of the tenancy, I was given a Property Condition Report to fill out and send back, why is this important? 

The Property Condition Report (PCR) describes the condition of the property at the commencement of your tenancy.  It is an important document that is kept on file to assist both parties with the administration of the bond at the end of the tenancy.  We ask that tenants check through the report carefully, making any amendments necessary and initialling the bottom of each page and signing the back page.  The tenant keeps one copy and sends the other one back to our office.  If we do not receive our copy back, this means that you agree with the accuracy of the PCR prepared by us.  Failure to return the report could jeopardise the bond refund process.  If there are any discrepancies, please contact our office.

What if my possessions are damaged, destroyed or stolen while living in the property? Will the owner/IRE’s insurance cover them?

It is important to note that should your goods be damaged, destroyed or stolen by circumstances affecting the owner’s property (e.g. fire, storm damage, theft etc.) that your goods and possessions are not insured by the owner or IRE. Ensure that all of your possessions are adequately insured with your own insurance provider from your lease start date. 


How do I report general repairs during my tenancy?  What if an emergency repair is required and it is after office hours? 

Please utilise the Maintenance Manager system for all maintenance requests. If your request is an emergency, please contact the office on 08 9438 6311.  

I’ve locked myself out of my property, what can I do? 

If you have locked yourself out of the property during work hours, please ring the office on 08 9438 6311 to schedule collection of the keys kept in the office. If it is outside of office hours, please arrange your own locksmith to attend and let you back into the property, this will be at your cost.

How often do you conduct your Routine Inspections? Can I reschedule if the day doesn’t suit

At the beginning of your tenancy, your property manager will conduct your first inspection 6-8 weeks following your move in date.  Routine inspections will then be scheduled to occur at the property every 3 months until the end of your tenancy agreement. The main purpose is to provide a report to the owner that you are maintaining the property at the same standard as when you moved in.  This also gives you the opportunity to report any repairs and make any suggestions to the owner via our maintenance form.  You will be notified a minimum of 7 days prior to the inspection to allow time to prepare.  Your property manager will send a report with photos and the maintenance form to the owner for review after the inspection has taken place.  Please note that we arrange our routine inspections to coincide with other routine inspections occurring in your area, which can make it difficult to re-arrange an inspection day or time if it doesn’t suit.

Am I allowed to paint the walls or hang any wall or picture hooks? 

It is company policy that tenants do not paint any part of the property themselves. It is policy that any painting can only be carried out by experienced professional painters with our written permission.  Written permission is to be requested from us before any painting is carried out or hooks are installed. 

I am renting a new home and noticed that there is extra paint cans left at the property, can I use this as touch up paint throughout the tenancy? 

It is our policy that tenants do not use the paint to touch up walls, cornices, doors etc. themselves.  In the past, touch up jobs is not finished at a professional level and re-painting of the entire area is organised with a professional painter, meaning additional expenses to the owner.

How do I maintain my lawn and garden to an acceptable standard while also adhering to the water restrictions in my area? 

Watering your lawns and gardens must be done within watering restrictions; however we insist that watering is conducted to the maximum allowed by the restrictions in place. What we do not want is watering not done at all because of a wrong belief that a total watering ban is in place, Watering is still required unless the current water restriction has banned all forms of watering.  Please ensure that all watering systems are working properly and are checked regularly throughout the tenancy to ensure they continue to work effectively. Weeding of garden beds, inside lawns, paths is your responsibility, as well as trimming of bushed and shrubs. Lawns are to be regularly mowed and edged. We are happy to organise someone to mow your lawn at your cost if you wish.

How do I go about sub-letting the property that I am renting? I have a friend who wishes to stay with us for 3 months, can they? I wish to use my front room for business, is this allowed? 

Sub-letting is not permitted without written approval from IRE.  This includes assigning the tenancy over to a third party, or allowing other occupants to move in without our express permission. Permission involves a formal application being completed and submitted by the tenant to their property manager. The property is for residential use and can only be used as a place of dwelling unless otherwise agreed in writing by IRE. The property cannot be used for commercial, industrial or illegal purposes. The use of the property cannot breach local council zoning regulations and also cannot be in breach of the law.


What happens when I return the keys to the office at the end of my lease?

Upon returning the keys to the office, a Final Bond Inspection will be conducted by your property manager within 14 days.  A Final Bond Inspection report will then be sent to you.  If there are any items requiring rectification, you will be given a 24 hour window opportunity to attend to these.  Should you choose not to attend to these items, IRE will arrange the necessary contractors to carry out the work required. Any accounts will be debited from your bond.  Once all items are rectified, the property manager will inspect the property a final time to ensure all items are complete.       

How soon will I receive my bond back after the Final Bond Inspection and any items requiring attention has been completed? 

Following the final inspection, you must allow a period of 5-7 working days for the final water consumption invoice to be sent to our office.  (Please note that this amount will be debited from your bond).  Once this account, and any other associated accounts are received in your office, a bond statement will be prepared.  A Bond Disposal form will then need to be signed, using the same signatures on your lease agreement.  Once returned, the Bond Disposal form will be emailed to the Bond Administrator.  Please note that the time taken to dispose of your bond is out of our hands and can take between 7 to 14 working days.